Shaped Top Over Mantel Mirrors

Birstwith Top

Birst​​​​with Foot

​Birstwith Over Mantel


Height 1092mm (42")

Width 1169mm (46")

Plinth length 1270mm (50")

A simple version of the repeat pattern mirror.

Birstwith over Mantel

​Birstwith Over Mantel 2

Birstwith Mantel 2

Birstwith Over Mantel


Height including relief 1245mm (49")

Width 1220mm (48")

Plinth length 1321mm (52")​

Two running patterns for around the frame to give it a very traditional look, one of our most popular designs.

Birstwith over Mantel

Shipton Repeat Pattern


Height including relief 1346mm (53")

Width 965mm (38")

A variation of the Birstwith Over Manterl with a different top relief.

Illustreation size 28" x 46"

Shipton Repeat Pattern



This mirror does not have the two patterns running around the frame, less ornate.

Illustration size 28" x 46"​


Plain Over Mantel Shaped Top

The plain mantels are without any relief work on them at all, and the plinth only extends 1" at each side of the frame.

Illustration size 40" x 46"

Plain Over Mantel Shaped Top

Plain Over Mantel Dome Top

Illustration size 37" x 42"

Plain Over Mantel Dome Top

Creeping Rose

Creeping Rose

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