Mirror Measurements

Our mirrors can be made to the size you require.

If the mirror you are looking for is to hang above a fire place and you would like some help with choosing the measurements, below is a diagram showing the measurements we need to give you an idea of the size of mirror suitable for that situation.

Fill out the form below and we will return your enquiry with the size and price of your choice of mirror.  If you would like a comparison price with an other mirror for the same size, please return the form again, with your other choice(s).

Safety Backing

This can be adhered to the back of the mirror glass, so that, in the event of the mirror being broken when on or off the wall, it will help to hold the broken pieces in place and be safely removed. 

N.B. Using the backing on mirrors which are going into rooms of a high moisture atmosphere, i.e. kitchens and bathrooms helps to preserve the silvering.

A.  From the top of the mantel piece to the ceiling or picture rail.

B. The length of the mantel piece top.

C.  The height of the mantel piece top.

D.  The distance between outside of the mantel legs, or sides of the mantel.​

Mirror Measurements

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